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Financial and Management Control, Research and Data Collection

Here at Bakers Tilly we provide financial management and its control. This comprehensive system of internal control put in place under the responsibility of officials budget users. We do this by way of managing risks, provides reasonable assurance that budget and other resource will be used in a regular, ethical, economical, effective and efficient manner towards the achievement of business goals. We also do this by collecting data on customer surveys.

Financial Supply Chain Management

FSCM is a set of cross-functional disciplines that mange key processes around risk working capital and management information. The emphasis I on end-to-end process flows. We work on both paper-based and electronic platforms which are typically disconnected. Our professional consultants provide our clients a joint process programme which, involve company’s CFO, treasury and supply-chain directors. These processes involved on, how to improve working capital, modernise business processes, and priority to provide managers across both physical and financial supply chain with better management information.

Marketing Management

Bakers Tilly Associates contributes to the progress of company’s vision and business strategy. We provide innovative marketing solutions to enter into new markets, build brand and business attentiveness, and implement business development and marketing solutions to increase business strength. Our consultants complement your administrative process by caringly assessing, strategically developing, and launching robust marketing solutions.

E-Business and Operations

E-business is characterized by any business that conducts a percentage of its business over the Internet. Different types of businesses engage in some sort of e-business to increase brand and product awareness. For example, an individual running his own office janitorial business might design a professional website, create a business email address and submit his website address to the search engines. This person participates in e-business in order to advertise or promote his services and acquire new business. We help you plan and operate your e-business and introduce you with new means and strategies to do so.

Customer Relations Management

Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) is a strategy for managing all your company’s interactions with current and prospective customers. CRM enables your company to increase productivity, close more business, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Human Recourses

HR management support is too important to leave to anyone but the professionals. That’s why you can turn to Bakers Tilly Associates, the experts in HR. From essential day-to-day tasks, such as storing staff records and monitoring absence, to providing leading edge employment advice, we’ can be first choice of your organisation.

Business Strategy, Risk evaluation

Identifying and then developing new business opportunities are essential for sustained business success. Our consulting staff evaluates risk and delivers a combination of the customer, business, and technology insights that are necessary for creating effective strategies that are prioritized and actionable.

We offer businesses with creative, careful and thoughtful objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with aim of creating value, providing strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services which assist organisations in improving productivity and overall performance.


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